One side of a three-dimensional object. For example, the diagonal front of moulding that is presented toward a particular direction.

Faux Finish

A decorative paint finish applied to products. Finishes can give the appearance of marble, stone, metal or wood grain.


Product made with flame-retardent material that ensures compliance with International Residential and Building Codes.


Molded detail on pilasters and trim that resembles a long, rounded groove.

Focal Finish™

A factory-applied finish available by special order from Focal Point. Ten unique finishes are available on select medallions.

Focal Flex™

Type of moulding that will accommodate curved or arched surfaces. Focal Flex is available as either pliable or pre-formed rigid as dictated by the radius dimension of the application.

Focal Point

The center of attention. In design, the place or item receiving concentrated attention.


Horizontal trim that can be used between two capitals in a door system. It is also a versatile design element used on walls or ceilings.

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